“The Blox“ Reality Tv Game Show Experience Recap

“The Blox“ Reality Tv Game Show Experience Recap

“The Blox” Reality Tv Game Show Experience Recap

Words that come to mind to describe this past week.. 

Educational. Powerful. Inspirational.

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Early mornings, late nights, amazing businesses, extraordinary people, day-by-day growth, and lifelong relationships. 

Day 4 >> I made it to the “Blox Off”!

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Something happens to you when you’re on that stage and not only have lights and cameras on you .. but also a room full of intelligent entrepreneurs, staring back at you. 😅 Getting up there was literally my worst fear coming here, so proud of myself for getting through.

Such an incredible and educational experience so far, and we are only 1/2 way through!

#TheBlox #Szn11 🚀

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Final Day: We had our last challenge yesterday, and the growth in the group, collectively, is undeniable. We have sat through a week of classes in which knowledge (on how to run our business) was shoved down our throat, and then we had to “throw it back up 😅” at a challenge afterwards, in which we only had 15 minutes to prepare our presentation.

You should’ve seen us on day one, LOL..

Coming into the competition, I already knew that my biggest fear (and weakness) was public speaking. I struggled with giving speeches in high school, and college, and continue to get nervous when put in front of a large group of people.

Before my presentation yesterday, I could feel the nerves start to creep in, right before it was my turn.. It’s physiologically impossible to control. I start to remember everything I learned all week, all the amazing advice, and tips/tricks to essentially “trick” your brain into not freaking out.

Also, I might add, this was not the focus of the game. It was a huge, personal struggle of mine that I knew I wanted, and needed, to improve.

The morning after the challenge that I won, I got to have breakfast with the judges, as a reward. I will never forget the advice one of them gave me. We were speaking on the topic, and he said to me..

“You know you are smart. You know you are powerful. You just have to “step” into your power and demonstrate to your audience how powerful you really are.”

There was actually an “X” on the floor that the media crew had put there to show you where to stand.  I took this advice, so literally, that in my head, I visualized that “X” as my power.. and then.. I stepped into it.

I know I have personally grown so much, and the growth is evident in the group as well. We have formed business relationships and lifelong framilyships (friends + family (I just made that up 😂)).

This week not only made me a better business owner, but a better person. I can’t wait to come home and give back to my community, Paris, Texas. I will forever be grateful for “The Blox”. 🚀🤍📺

So I encourage you to “step into your power” and do great things! Spread love and give back to your community.

Live life with open hands.

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